If you are not going to clean up your property, the city will and it will cost you big money! If you are experiencing financial or other hardships, we will make every effort to work with you.

  • Lawn Mowing

    longgrass Keep your lawns mowed. If the city has to mow your lawn, it will cost you $300-$350.

  • Refuse Violations

    refuseviolationRefuse Violations. $187 – $439.

  • Abandoned Vehicles

    abandonedAbandoned vehicles will cost you $250 for the first violation, $565 for the second, and will most likely lead to ticketing and towing.

  • Property Maintenance Code Violation

    unslightlyProperty Maintenance Code Violations could lead to daily citations of $300-$500 or court fines of $50 – $500 per violation per day.

  • Summons and Complaint

    summonsA tickets and court appearances could lead to fines of $50 to $500/day for each violation plus court costs.

  • Animal Waste Violations

    summonsNot picking up after your pets could cost you. Please pick up after your pets daily.

  • Scavenging

    summonsPicking through garbage or scavenging recyclables will cost you $124.