keepwacleanEvery spring, several City Departments are swamped with complaints about blighted property conditions. Lawns not mowed and other unsightly situations that a majority of residents would consider unacceptable! West Allis is a great community. Please help us keep it clean and healthy.

Please Remember to:

  • Keep your lawn mowed and weeded, and keep trees and shrubs clear of the city streets, walks, and alleys.
  • Clean up after your pets daily.
  • Contain your refuse and recycling properly to reduce rodent activity.
  • Maintain homes and garages – peeling paint is unsightly.
  • Only put out recycling the evening before collection day.
  • Have vehicles registered, licensed and operable.
  • Keep your yard free of trash, debris and building supplies.
  • Minimize bird feeder spills that encourages rodent activity.